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There may come a time when an individual can no longer live independently; when something as routine as driving to the grocery store becomes difficult, if not impossible. It’s a difficult, but important, thing to think about.

The Golden Care Foundation, a supporting organization of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, provides its members with advocacy, referral and support services that offer a level of added security and self-sufficiency as they age. Golden Care is available to members of The Foundation’s Heritage Society, donors who have established or committed to establish a permanent endowment within The Foundation of $100,000 or more.

Golden Care is a wonderful resource for elderly individuals or couples who receive little or no social support from family members and seek to live independently. Golden Care professionals are in frequent contact with Golden Care members to determine whether they need special or supplemental services that will help them manage life’s many challenges. As members age, Golden Care staffers also visit and call them to help determine whether additional health, professional or assisted-living services are needed. Golden Care professionals become trusted friends and advisors when illness limits independence, or other issues become too cumbersome to handle alone.

Golden Care professionals connect members with an array of services, including home health care, homemaker services, living and meal arrangements, long-term care and medical services.

Golden Care members are also invited to participate in special activities and celebrations throughout the year. These include Federation and Jewish community events, as well as parties to celebrate Jewish holidays and personal milestones. These activities offer Golden Care members regular social interaction and the chance to build a circle of friends who share similar interests.

Many individuals and couples become members of Golden Care at the urging of friends or family, while others are referred to the program by professional advisors who wish to provide their clients with peace of mind, as well as a charitable means to benefit others.

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The Mission of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is to mobilize human and financial resources to care for those in need, strengthen
Jewish life and advance the unity, values and shared purpose of the Jewish people in Miami, in Israel and around the world.

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